Jessica Wrasman

Photo Credit: Chels E. Photography, St. Louis, MO The Wrasman Family 027


Jessica Wrasman

Jess is a right- brained romantic who likes gaudy-gold framed art, textures, gourmet food, bodies of water, a thought-provoking book, and a glass of red wine. An ex-misanthrope, recovering people-pleaser, and former educator and editor, Jess now spends her days keeping two kiddos healthy and happy with lots of nose wiping and occasional book reading in between.

Jess loves Jesus, her husband, her kids’ faces, deep conversation, and a good, big-mouthed laugh.

She often finds herself stuck between the desire to make a mess and the need to clean up. What most frustrates her is superficial conversation, a lack of consideration, and the propriety of having to share the same opinion.

When Jess isn’t wrangling children, eating Asian cuisine, or being presentable in society, she can be found looking homeless in sweatpants at home without makeup, scribbling something out in her mind or on the computer.

In a few years, she hopes to get back to sleeping at night and maybe gardening, because there is something to be gained by digging in the earth and hoping for it to spring forth life.