Photo Credit: Andy Wrasman, Contradictmovement.orgIMG_5531This morning I am taking time to gather. To search for what I can carry in my basket with two hands. I want to carry light things. Spaciousness. Quietness to notice. I want to carry a pause. A moment to articulate thoughts and feelings.

I will discard from my basket those things that are too heavy for me. To place them behind. God reaches out to take them from me. I give him each useless voice. Each waste of time. The fast fix. The hurry.

But there is still more to give. Here is my worry. Burdens taken on unnecessarily. Needless noise.

Here are the words I could have kept inside. The words I could have spoken. He takes them gently.

There is a pause.

I reach into my basket. That deeper place. I find misunderstanding there.

I give callousness and greed. The weight of frenzy released feels light.

My basket now is spacious.

“Come with me to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31).

I put in a small flower. I pick four juicy peaches and put them in; one to eat and three to give. An encouraging word. A prayer. I capture a smile and put it in.

A note. Wisdom.

And there is still space. I leave it open for hope.

I keep walking and feel I can carry on this way.


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